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Jane Goodall Women in Science. Lisa Kozleski.

Legacy of Female Primatologists Jane Goodall & Dian Fossey — Elizabeth Lonsdorf at The Interval

Publisher: Chelsea House Pub , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis A biography of the zoologist, discussing her personal life as well as her work with chimpanzees at the Gombe Stream Reserve in Tanzania.

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New Quantity Available: 4. Majestic Books London, ,, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:. Jane Goodall Lisa Kozleski. He felt that a knowledge of the primate most like us would help him to better understand the probable behavior of our Stone Age ancestors whose fossilized remains he was excavating. He took me despite my lack of academic credentials — or even because of them as he wanted someone with a mind uncluttered by the reductionist scientific thinking of the time.

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  8. What an amazing opportunity. At first the chimpanzees ran away as soon as they saw me, but once I gained their trust I soon realized just how similar they are to us.

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    A year later Geographic wanted me to write an article for their magazine. I had to go to America, attend a press conference and give a few talks.

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    The media produced some rather sensational articles, emphasizing my blond hair and referring to my legs. Some scientists discredited my observations because of this — but that did not bother me so long as I got the funding to return to Gombe and continue my work. I just wanted to be a naturalist. If my legs helped me get publicity for the chimps, that was useful. After this Louis arranged for me to go to Cambridge University where I became the eighth person in their history to be admitted to work for a PhD without a BA.

    But to my dismay, I was quickly told that I had done my study all wrong. I should have numbered the chimps rather than given them names, and I could not talk about their personalities, minds or emotions as those features were unique to humans. I was told there is a difference between humans and all other animals. That way of thinking, of course, makes it easier to treat animals as things rather than sentient and sapient beings able to experience joy, fear, despair and pain.

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    Easier to work in a factory farm or medical research laboratory and for us to enjoy the sport of trophy hunting. But I understood the true nature of animals from my childhood teacher — my dog, Rusty. So I knew that in this respect the Cambridge professors were wrong — as does everyone who has shared their life in a meaningful way with a dog or a horse or a hamster or a bird. I stuck to my convictions and because the chimpanzees are so like us biologically as well as behaviorally, gradually scientists have become less reductionist. Indeed, animal personalities and emotions are now subjects for serious study, and there is a huge amount of research being conducted on the intelligence of animals ranging from chimpanzees, elephants and dolphins, to birds, octopuses and even some insects.

    Jane Goodall: The Environmentalist

    In fact, it can sometimes provide an intuition about the meaning of a certain behavior. You can then test your intuition with scientific rigor. In chimp society there are good and bad mothers, and looking back over the years, we know that the offspring of mothers who were affectionate, protective but not over protective and, above all, supportive, tend to do better and to have more self-confidence.

    The males tend to rise to a higher position in their hierarchy and females are more successful as mothers — which is their main job.