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Perhaps we should embrace paradox and uncertainty: the universe is both beautiful and hideous, humans are both glorious and evil.

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Bad people can do important, even profound, good deeds. We can, in the end, separate the men from their contributions, and just focus on the contributions. Perhaps we ought to stop thinking in terms of awarding Nobel Prizes and the like and just focus on the contribution. Fame perhaps should be demoted in importance. Older, non-web encyclopedias were completely anonymous. Imagine a time when great works are mostly anonymous.

In the long run, it should be what a human creates that matters, not who he or she is. Blemished, drenched in turpitude, or candidate for sainthood. All that matters is what you create. I personally ordered the mass murder in Yountville California three hours before it occurred. This is not the first time the US military has acted on my orders, This is real. There are many others, all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and abuse.

The crucifixion of Dr. James Watson was due to his ignoring politically-correct doctrine. It is plainly, painfully obvious despite exceptional individuals who appear in any race Blacks on the whole are incapable of building or running advanced civilizations. American cities where they're a majority are plagued by violent crime, on the outs financially and literally crumbling. Framing those who point out the obvious as 'evil' might make virtue-signalers feel good about themselves, but the truth remains: there is no Black Panther Wakanda anywhere on earth. I am assuming that morality is objective and that the author of this post considers himself Almighty God.

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Please note that the 4 billion people on Earth who consider King David a Prophet of the One True God, who is the actual author of all morality, probably reject both the divinity and sophistry of the author of this post, who is a delusional war criminal. The temple was built by slaves and the Prophet was more moral than anyone that has lived in the last years.

Instead we get peans by leftists to Abdul Sharia the honor-killing muslim and Aboobika Nosebone the african cannibal as role models. I don't think it is fair to automatically deny slaves any agency, assuming that any consent they may have given was invalid. If it's just because of the power differential, most women in the past and a few disadvantage men could not have consented to the marriages they nevertheless wanted.

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Sally Hemmings could have remained in Europe, where she was legally free. Did she think: I taught him to be respectful; Did she think: Where did I go wrong? There are so many penises in my house!

Girls, someone once said to me, you have to protect from the world. Boys you need to protect from themselves. We recently walked by a father and son playing catch in the park. You can do better than that. Will it be enough? Please, please, please, be good boys, I think every minute of every day. So, I guess like Donald Trump Jr.

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They did not want Coahuila as their country, but Texas , and asked a government of their own. Lawless as they were, they wanted a real law, a law of Saxon right and justice. Men like Crockett, Fannin, Travis and Bowie were influenced half by political ambition and half by love of adventure when they moved across the plains of eastern Texas and took up their abode on the firing line of the Mexican border.

If you seek a historic band of bad men, fighting men of the bitterest Baresark type, look at the immortal defenders of the Alamo. Some of them were, in the light of calm analysis, little better than guerrillas; but every man was a hero. They all had a chance to escape, to go out and join Sam Houston farther to the east; but they refused to a man, and, plying the border weapons as none but such as themselves might, they died, full of the glory of battle; not in ranks and shoulder to shoulder, with banners and music to cheer them, but each for himself and hand to hand with his enemy, a desperate fighting man.

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  • The early men of Texas for generations fought Mexicans and Indians in turn. The country was too vast for any system of law. Each man had learned to depend upon himself. Each cabin kept a rifle and pistol for each male old enough to bear them, and each boy, as he grew up, was skilled in weapons and used to the thought that the only arbitrament among men was that of weapons.

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    Part of the population, appreciating the exemptions here to be found, was, without doubt, criminal; made up of men who had fled, for reasons of their own, from older regions. These in time, required the attention of the law; and the armed bodies of hard-riding Texas Rangers , a remedy born of necessity, appeared as the executives of the law.

    When Do Good Boys Become Bad Men?

    The cattle days saw the wild times of the border prolonged. The buffalo range caught its quota of hard riders and hard shooters. And always the apparently exhaustless empires of new and unsettled lands — an enormous, untracked empire of the wild — beckoned on and on; so that men in the most densely settled sections were very far apart, and so that the law as a guardian could not be depended upon.

    It was not to be wondered at that the name of Texas became the synonym for savagery. That was for a long time the wildest region within our national confines. Others slipped north into the Indian Nations , and left their mark there.