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EBEA members are no doubt already familiar with the Economist's 'Guide to Economic Indicators', but I would urge all teachers of Economics to have a serious look at the 7th edition. As stated on the cover, this book aims to explain all that the business person or student needs to know, in order to understand and interpret economic statistics and form their own judgements about different economies' performance. It also includes up to date statistics not found in previous editions.

Every chapter kicks off with a humorous quote from a recognisable public figure and leavens what can occasionally be challenging material for pupils. There is a short explanation of the information to follow and definitions of the terminology used - what we teachers would call 'key terms'. Having explained the terms they are then put into context. This is backed up with plenty of useful graphs and tables which are student friendly. Each chapter then gives examples of how these data could be used. Previous to a change in procedure, all responses to on-line articles were usually published in "The Inbox".

The Economist ' s primary focus is world events, politics and business, but it also runs regular sections on science and technology as well as books and the arts. Approximately every two weeks, the publication includes an in-depth special report [81] previously called surveys on a given topic.

Every three months, it publishes a technology report called Technology Quarterly [82] or TQ, a special section focusing on recent trends and developments in science and technology. The company records the full text of the news magazine in mp3 format, including the extra pages in the UK edition.

The weekly MB download is free for subscribers and available for a fee for non-subscribers.

The publication's writers adopt a tight style that seeks to include the maximum amount of information in a limited space. Bradley , publisher of The Atlantic , described the formula as "a consistent world view expressed, consistently, in tight and engaging prose". There is a section of economic statistics. Tables such as employment statistics are published each week and there are special statistical features too. It is unique among British weeklies in providing authoritative coverage of official statistics and its rankings of international statistics have been decisive.

It is printed at seven sites around the world.

Known on their website as "This week's print edition", it is available online, albeit with only the first five viewed articles being free and available to subscribers only mid-October — The Economist published in its first US college rankings, focused on comparable economical advantages defined as 'the economic value of a university is equal to the gap between how much its students subsequently earn, and how much they might have made had they studied elsewhere'.

Based on set of strict criteria sourced from US Department of Education "College Scorecard" with relevant 'expected earnings' and multiple statistics applied in calculation of 'median earnings' conclusive evaluation method has been applied to run the scorecard's earnings data through a multiple regression analysis, a common method of measuring the relationships between variables. The Economist also produces the annual The World in [ Year ] publication. It also sponsors a writing award. The Economist sponsors the yearly "Economist Innovation Awards", in the categories of bioscience, computing and communications, energy and the environment, social and economic innovation, business-process innovation, consumer products, and a special "no boundaries" category.

Nominations are held between 2 and 30 April. The award ceremony is then hosted on 15 November. Choices are based on the following factors: [99]. In , The Economist organised a global futurist writing competition, The World in Sections of The Economist criticising authoritarian regimes are frequently removed from the magazine by the authorities in those countries. The Economist regularly has difficulties with the ruling party of Singapore, the People's Action Party , which had successfully sued it, in a Singaporean court, for libel.

Like many other publications, The Economist is subjected to censorship in India whenever it depicts a map of Kashmir. The maps are stamped by Indian Customs officials as being "neither correct, nor authentic". Issues are sometimes delayed, but not stopped or seized.

How Did Economists Get It So Wrong?

On 15 June , Iran banned the sale of The Economist when it published a map labelling the Persian Gulf simply as Gulf—a choice that derives its political significance from the Persian Gulf naming dispute. In a separate incident, the government of Zimbabwe went further and imprisoned The Economist ' s correspondent there, Andrew Meldrum.

The government charged him with violating a statute on "publishing untruth" for writing that a woman was decapitated by supporters of the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union — Patriotic Front party. The decapitation claim was retracted [] and allegedly fabricated by the woman's husband.

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The correspondent was later acquitted, only to receive a deportation order. According to the letter sent by the department, prisoners were not allowed to receive the issue because "1. In , James Fallows argued in The Washington Post that The Economist used editorial lines that contradicted the news stories they purported to highlight. He also said that The Economist is editorially constrained because so many scribes graduated from the same college at Oxford University , Magdalen College.


In , the Chicago Tribune named it the best English-language magazine noting its strength in international reporting where it does not feel moved to cover a faraway land only at a time of unmitigated disaster" and that it kept a wall between its reporting and its more conservative editorial policies. In , Jon Meacham , former editor of Newsweek and a self-described "fan", criticised The Economist 's focus on analysis over original reporting.

In , the magazine withdrew a harshly-criticised review of a book by Edward Baptist on slavery and American capitalism. The Economist had complained that "[a]lmost all the blacks in his book are victims, almost all the whites villains". In following an interview of right-wing commentator Ben Shapiro , The Economist published an article on their website that included in its title a description of Shapiro as "an alt-right sage" and stated that he was "a pop-idol of the alt-right".

Shapiro, a vociferous critic of the alt-right, was the number one recipient of anti-semitic attacks online in as measured by the Anti-Defamation League , almost exclusively from alt-right actors criticizing his then-opposition to Donald Trump 's presidential candidacy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. English weekly news and international affairs publication. For the profession, see Economist.

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