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Armisen had a huge year in , and his brand of humor was a perfect fit for this ad. The story here is that Armisen would call a payphone and suspiciously direct the answerer to an unmarked door. Watch the rest for yourself to see what happens.

5 Top Facebook Ad Campaigns To Boost Your Results in 12222

My favorite line: "NO. In this smart use of Vine, General Electric partnered with Bill Nye to create emojiscience experiments: experiments inspired by different emoji. They've shared several examples of this, ramping up the campaign toward the end of Weird, but strangely addictive a metaphor for Vine in general? Check out GE on Vine for more. Teens love MTV. Teens love Vine. One really cool use for Vine that any brand not just those with celebrities on hand can use: conduct an interview or FAQ with audience-sourced questions. Answer one at a time in Vines, like a recent example from a redbandsociety interview.

Vintage-inspired clothing company PinUp Girl Clothing runs two separate Instagram accounts: one for their overall clothing brand pinupgirlclothing and one for their Los Angeles-area boutique pinupgirlboutique. Two separate accounts make sense for their brand because they run separate sale events for each for example, the in-store boutique didn't feature the same Cyber Monday sales as their website. Still, the same overall voice and fun-loving sensibility permeate both accounts.

For example, regarding the below photo, they posted: ".

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The average Inc. Magazine reader and the average LinkedIn user are both digitally savvy, career-oriented people who want to stay on top of what's next in business. During the workday, they publish a new update with a news story every hours, keeping readers aware of current events without ever leaving LinkedIn. Regularly recognized as one of the world's top places to work, Google rocks their LinkedIn presence by showcasing company news and general-interest HR articles. Take this recent example, which shared an article about the things new employees would like to know on their first day of work.

We all know Google as a tech giant, but given their many HR accolades, it's clear they're a thought leader in the hiring and HR space, as well. Hyatt has a successful LinkedIn page that leans heavily on great content from Hyatt's blog. With topics running the gamut from hiring at Hyatt, worldwide travel, and new updates at Hyatt hotels like free wifi , Hyatt uses LinkedIn to share information that's pertinent to business travelers.

Our pick of the funniest, smartest, and most impactful print adverts around.

The key is that they share a variety of media types to educate and entertain. This way, the "you should participate in the Hour of Code! For example, they recently partnered with Disney to release a Frozen -themed coding experience. They've also shared videos with high-profile tech leaders like Sheryl Sandberg.

It's a varied content strategy that draws from different sources to keep interest high. Check out this example. The show doesn't release its final season until January 13, but they've spent the past several months sharing clips and GIFs from the show on Twitter and commenting on current events. For example, during the holiday season, they shared a funny clip about eggnog and the Christmas buffet at Jerry's house.

[SOLD] How 30 Great Ads Were Made: From Idea to Campaign

Rather than just remain silent for months before the premiere, or worse, tweeting incessantly about when the new season would begin, the Parks and Rec social team found clever ways to use existing content to engage and entertain fans in the slow period. But the movie ended up being the most talked-about film of the holiday season and Sony's top online film ever. No matter what you have to say about the actual contents of the movie, you have to admit this Twitter campaign is attention-grabbing and fun: James Franco, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg hosted a live Twitter viewing of the film so that fans could watch, laugh, learn backstage facts, and tweet along with the stars.

Take this recent image, which was posted before the last episode of hit podcast Serial. Considering the fact that most of Sesame Street's primary audience isn't old enough for Twitter, it's logical for Sesame Street to focus on inside jokes and references that resonate with young parents or those who watched the show when they were younger but are now old enough to be fans of Serial.

See the original tweet. As a sporting team, your Twitter account has ample content to draw from: videos, stats, publicizing upcoming games, and beyond. The Atlanta Hawks Twitter account does all of that and more.

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The managers of this account create entertaining visuals that encourage team spirit off the court and on fans' screens. For example, when it came time to vote for NBA All-Stars, they shared a completed ballot on an iPhone to encourage fans to vote for Atlanta Hawks players. Building off the popularity of generated "year of" posts on Facebook and Instagram, Spotify created a similar feature to celebrate individual users' year in music.

As a Spotify user, I received a promoted tweet about this campaign in my feed. It's a great tool to entice Twitter users to click through and switch their attention from Twitter to Spotify. According to Happify's Twitter bio, they're "t urning the latest innovations in the science of happiness into fun activities and games that help you lead a more fulfilling life. Everything is beautifully branded and cheerfulness-inspiring.

From the pleasant colors to the happyquotes, it's the kind of brand Twitter account you can feel good about following. As a follower of theparisreview , I've noticed that the quarterly literary magazine often tweets inspirational or thought-provoking quotes by famous thinkers, followed by a simple link. It's an ongoing strategy that encourages retweets or shares in two ways: first, followers may simply want to share the quote.

Second, followers may be clicking through and sharing the link, but often the quote is more attention-grabbing than the title of the interview. It's a good reminder to mix up the ways in which you share articles and links on Twitter. He shares video recipes, text recipes on his blog, helpful cooking tips, and plenty of year-round cheer. He recently helped sponsor a contest supporting BetterFoodForAll. The contest ran via Twitter and Instagram hashtags, but was promoted on Facebook. Repeated throughout the video and the speech that inspired it , this slogan became an integral part of the movement.

It perfectly captured the driving force behind the campaign and the desires of the voters. Find your slogan. But remember, it takes time. Pepper is still out there looking for the perfect one!

This startup lets you subscribe to support an army of drones that’s planting millions of trees

Imagine you and your best friend are on opposite sides for your local elections. Obviously, your candidate is better but you kind of like your buddy. So, armed with the facts , you tell your friend exactly why your candidate is superior. For some unfathomable reason, instead of instantly changing their mind, they double down. Why would a reasonable, rational person do that? Most of our decisions are driven by emotions, not facts.

Go find an article espousing a point you completely disagree with.

The Living Room Candidate - For Teachers - WHAT MAKES AN EFFECTIVE AD?

They quote a bunch of stats. What makes their numbers bad and yours good? For numbers to work, your viewer needs to be ready to believe them. Draw on the emotions you share. Use music and imagery to capture the eye and imagination and draw your audience in. You want your constituents to picture themselves in your shared vision of the future and feel excited to be a part of it, because, long after your words have faded from their minds, people will remember how you made them feel.

Actually, it does. In a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology , researchers found that when people we trust repeat certain ideas over others, it influences our decisions. Mere exposure is the idea that we prefer certain things, ideas and people just because they are familiar.

The more an idea is repeated, the more familiar it becomes. How do you know what you should repeat? Sketch out a few phrases that highlight those things and use the phrases often in different contexts. During the US campaign, Donald Trump always steered the conversation back to a few key points he repeated over and over again.

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This confirmed his standing and priorities to his voter base over and over again so when he was questioned, the combination of the backfire effect and mere exposure made them double down and stand by him. Would you rather buy a toaster that has reviews and an average rating of 4. Most of us would be drawn to the first one. Other people have tried it and made sure it makes proper toast.

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