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Intelligence and Security Informatics for International Security

It contains detailed first hand interviews he has conducted with members of 13 terrorist movements. Horgan is regularly invited to speak to a variety of government, police, and military audiences around the world, and since , he has been a member of the European Commission Expert Group on Violent Radicalisation. Xiaohua Hu is currently an assistant professor and founding director of the data mining and bioinformatics lab at the College of Information Science and Technology, Drexel University.

His current research interests are in biomedical literature data mining, bioinformatics, text mining, semantic web mining and reasoning, rough set theory and application, information extraction and information retrieval. Charles K. He has over 13 years of experience in GIS analysis and application development.

With the emergence of GIS and remote sensing as vertical markets in insurance, he served as a key GIS and remote sensing technical advisor. Some of the specific projects for which Mr. Huyck has been the primary GIS or remote sensing analyst include: an advanced HAZUS-based risk analysis of the State of South Carolina, automated damage detection from satellite imagery following the Marama, Turkey , Boumerdes, Algeria , and Bam, Iran earthquakes; an assessment of the use of remote sensing and GIS after September 11th; various studies on the economic impacts of earthquakes on utility and transportation systems; and the extraction of GIS building inventories from optical and radar data.

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He has authored over 50 papers pertaining to GIS, remote sensing, and emergency management. Brian A. Brian holds a Ph. Matthew Jensen is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Arizona. He received his PhD from the University of Arizona. His research focuses on computer-aided decision making, knowledge-based systems, and automatic deception detection. Research results are meant to support EU policy-makers in the field of security and terrorism. Dmitri V. Kalashnikov received his Ph.

Intelligence and Security Informatics for International Security : Hsinchun Chen :

Currently, he is a research faculty member in the University of California at Irvine. He has received several scholarships, awards, and honors, including an Intel Ph. Fellowship and Intel Scholarship. His research interests are in several areas including large-scale data management, information quality and data cleaning, moving-object and spatio-temporal databases, and IT technology for crisis response management.

Abraham Kandel received a B. Kandel has published over research papers for numerous professional publications in Computer Science and Engineering. He is also the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of 46 text books and research monographs in the field. His primary field of interest is the development of collaborative systems for decision making. In pursuit of this, he has worked extensively in the field of military decision support and network-centric operations. Additionally, Dr. Kruse has been working to develop prototype systems for automated intent and deception detection.

He has worked extensively with a wide range of educational, governmental and military groups to help develop group processes and software that support collaborative work. Mark Last received his M. Mark Last has published over papers and chapters in scientific journals, books, and refereed conferences.

His current research interests include data mining, text mining, and cyber intelligence. Elizabeth Liddy is a Professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University and Director of its Center for Natural Language Processing where she leads a team of researchers focused on developing human-like language-understanding software technologies.

Liddy has successfully applied natural language processing to various information access technologies including information extraction, information retrieval, data-mining, question-answering, cross-language retrieval, 2-stage web- based retrieval and automatic metadata generation. Ee-Peng Lim received his Ph. His interests and expertise span many areas in data management and distributed systems.

Thomas O. His research focuses on using technology to automatically detect deception in audio and video. Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr. He founded the MIS department at the University of Arizona, in and served as department head for 18 years. Nunamaker received his Ph. Peter D. Rumm, M. Rumm graduated from the Medical College of Georgia and received his MPH from the University of Washington, concentrating in health services administration. He worked in the broad area of chronic disease, terrorism prevention, patient safety, health promotion and health policy and directed a statewide committee on terrorism assessments and preparedness.

He graduated from Harvard University in , and earned an M. Moti Schneider received his Ph. He is a member of the school of computer science at Netanya Academic college. He published over refereed papers and books. Young-Woo Seo received his B. He is currently a Ph. His research interests include statistical machine learning, multi- agents system, and behavior control for mobile robot.

Before joining the PhD program, he worked on various research projects of developing intelligent software agents. Her areas of expertise include technological trends in terrorism, terrorism informatics, datamining, and intelligence sharing She designed the ICT terrorist connections database and the terrorist incidents database, used for tracking links between terrorist individuals, front companies, and organizations.

Infrastructure Protection and Emergency Responses

Shahar specializes in the study of technological trends as applied to terrorism and intelligence sharing. She lectures on terrorism trends, non-conventional terrorism, and threat assessment at the International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism, Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, as well as security conferences and seminars worldwide. Her background is in physics, database design, and security and installation protection.

She holds an M. Bracha leads theoretical and empirical studies that make significant contribution in the mentioned domains. Her work was also presented at many professional conferences. Before turning to the academic world she gained professional experience while working as a system engineer and managing programming teams for telecommunication companies developing real-time applications. His research is in smart information management, both the problems of extracting and sharing useful knowledge from data, and the problems of accessing and computing with large datasets that are geographically distributed.

He has published extensively in high- performance computing and data mining.

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At present his focus is on understanding complex datasets in applications such as astrophysics, geochemistry, network intrusion, fraud detection, and counterterrorism. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Sydney and a Ph. Smyth's research interests include machine learning, data mining, statistical pattern recognition, applied statistics, and information theory. He is also a founding associate editor for the Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, and a founding editorial board member of the Journal of Machine Learning Research.

He served as program chair for the 33rd Symposium on Computer Science and Statistics in and served as general chair for the Sixth International Workshop on AI and Statistics in His research interests include information retrieval and data mining. Her research interests include question answering and information retrieval. She holds a B. She holds an Honorary Doctorate from the University of the Aegean Her research interest is in the organization of Web-based information for better access.

Horacio R. Congress, the World Bank, and the United Nations. Nalini Venkatasubramanian received the M. She is specifically interested in developing safe and flexible middleware technology for highly dynamic environments. Nalini was a member of technical staff at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories in Palo Alto, California for several years where she worked on large scale distributed systems and interactive multimedia applications. Daniel D. His research interests are in data mining, bioinformatics, and biomolecular network analysis.

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Jennifer J. Her current research interests include knowledge management, social network analysis, virtual community, human-computer interaction, and information visualization. Shuting Xu received her Ph. Her research interests include data mining and information retrieval, information security, database systems, parallel and distributed computing.

His research interests include machine learning applications for natural language processing, question answering and the use of complex linguistic features for text applications such as text categorization and information retrieval. Yilmazel received his Ph. Omer Zaafrany received his B. Omer has about 10 publications in professional journals and conferences. His current research interests include data mining, information retrieval, and information warfare.

Jun Zhang received his Ph. Zhang is an associate editor and on the editorial boards of five international journals, and is on the program committees of a few international conferences.

He is recipient of the U. He has a master degree in computer science and a bachelor degree in library and information science. He has been working on graph-based, model-based and semantic based text data mining. His current research interests are in information retrieval and text mining.

Information Sharing and Data Mining

Chen and J. Zhao, H.

CCS 2016 Tutorial - Adversarial Data Mining: Big Data Meets Cyber Security

Bi, H.