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Next generation methylation and learning about epigenetics February 25th, Kara Fitzgerald, ND, completed post-doctorate training in nutritional biochemistry …. How to protect your eyes from macular degeneration February 4th, Anthony Thomas, PhD, earned …. Advances in pre-natal supplementation January 28th, The new book that examines the state of nutrition science today, FOOD.

What the Heck Should I Eat? January 14th, Dana Laake and her special guest Leah Guy will be discussing mindfulness practices for success.

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Leah Guy is a down-to-earth health educator, author …. The problem with grains — from autoimmune disease to chronic pain December 10th, Integrative approaches for managing chronic pain December 3rd, Stress, and its impact on health, with a focus on the immune system November 19th, Will Cole, leading …. Whey proteins including sourcing, quality, differentiation of isolate and concentrate October 29th, Kevin Passero and his special guest Marcelle Pick will discuss overcoming adrenal fatigue. Nutrients to support whole body health and address inflammation October 15th, Weiss is the ….

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The epidemic of sleep problems in our society today October 8th, Patricia Frye, MD, is a physician …. The microbiome solution to heal depression, anxiety, and mental fog without prescription drugs September 17th, The benefits of utilizing naturopathic medicine in cancer care September 3rd, Dale Bredesen, MD, is internationally recognized as an …. Cardiovascular health and solutions to prevent heart disease August 13th, Steven Masley, MD, is a …. Adam Banning serves as a lecturer and senior ….

The role of epigenetics in cancer, and approaches to healing cancer using holistic therapies July 30th, The benefits of omega-3s for athletes — helping to prevent brain injury, and supporting recovery, if injured July 16th, The importance of sleep for optimal health July 2nd, Michael J. Breus, PhD, is a …. Thyroid health — signs and symptoms, testing options, and treatments June 25th, Martha Calihan, MD, is a board certified family physician who has practiced in ….

How doctors can accommodate your culture and beliefs June 18th, Satcher …. Weight loss and body composition, as well as balancing your blood sugar June 4th, Whole body health and the hidden role of inflammation May 21st, Decker Weiss, NMD, …. The dangers of EMFs with an emphasis on the vulnerability of children May 14th, Katie Singer works …. Carnahan …. The challenges of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease April 30th, Darin Ingels, ND, is a respected leader in natural medicine with numerous publications, ….

Using a whole food plant-based diet to overcome common diseases, such as diabetes, and to heal leaky gut April 16th, A helpful and actionable guide to reverse thyroid symptoms April 9th, Izabella Wentz, …. Diet plans—paleo, ketogenic, Atkins, Mediterranean. April 2nd, Bill Shaddle has ….

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In , Glenn Sabin was a …. How to understand what makes up your unique health terrain, how it evolves, and how to influence it to achieve vitality April 26th, The new line of sports supplements from Garden of Life February 12th, Curcumin as a comprehensive health and wellness remedy February 5th, Changing the paradigm around pain and healing our chronic pain epidemic January 29th, Bone broth including its history, uses and its components of amino acids and collagen January 22nd, Kevin Passero and his special guest Erin Stokes will discuss the power of turmeric.

How chemicals and toxins in your home may make you sick January 8th, Caroline Blazovsky is a …. Hormonal imbalances and natural treatment options December 25th, Functional Medicine and the future of healthcare December 4th, November 27th, Weiss will discuss genomics and inflammation. Omega-3 basics, cognition, pain and inflammation November 13th, Erin Stokes, ND, received her naturopathic degree from Bastyr ….

The benefits of magnesium including support for relaxation, stress, sleep, mood and fatigue October 2nd, Rex Jones has been an educator with Garden of Life for more than seven …. Preconception care and good health before pregnancy September 25th, The full spectrum of pain management and the diversity of therapies including nutritional, IV therapies, injections, prolotherapy, PRP, stem cell therapy and more September 18th, Important herbs and nutrients to aid injury and recovery September 11th, Anthony Thomas, …. The new book How Not to Die, and how diet and lifestyle changes can make a big difference in helping to prevent the 15 leading causes of death, including heart disease and cancer August 28th, Martha Herbert is a ….

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Digestive health and inflammatory disease August 7th, July 31st, Passero is a licensed …. Kevin Passero and his special guest Sherry A.

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Rogers will discuss her book, Detoxify or Die. Integrative oncology in cancer treatment July 10th, Laurie L. Herscher, M. July 3rd, The benefits of a ketogenic diet for managing epilepsy and diabetes June 26th, Strategies for Optimizing health through your 40's, 50's and 60's June 12th, Alan Weiss …. Daniel Nuzum was born and raised in a family ….

Uncommon strategies for improving energy and mental focus May 29th, Mache …. Two kinds of inflammation — loud or painful and obvious, and silent inflammation that can cause cancer and heart disease. May 8th, May 1st, The five wellness issues that concern men the most April 24th, Reversing diabetes using whole, natural, plant-source nutrition. April 17th, Gabriel …. How to become pain-free through movement and nutrition. April 10th, March 27th, Christine Horner, MD, is a nationally recognized surgeon, author, professional …. How to choose the right multivitamin to fill gaps in your diet, in order to maintain optimal health.

March 20th, Thomas …. News you can use: Nutrient recommendations and safety and controversies in health and diet. February 14th, Devra Davis founded the non-profit Environmental ….

Hyla Cass graduated from the University of …. Elizabeth Plourde, CLS.

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Erin Stokes, ND, received her naturopathic degree from …. Type 2 diabetes—how to eliminate symptoms, prevent complications and reverse the disease November 22nd, Tom Chaney graduated from the University of …. Natural strategies to combat silent inflammation that can affect your heart, brain and immune system November 8th, Detoxification in the modern world for the busy person October 4th, Rachel Feldman is a Certified ….

August 30th, Natural Strategies to combat inflammation, and why conventional approaches can put your heart at risk August 23rd, Dana Laake and her special Bill Shaddle will be discussing gut microbiome and gluten. Bill Shaddle has been involved in helping doctors understand and ….

New and exciting research on nutrients and botanicals August 2nd, July 19th, Dana Laake and her special guest Jeff Moore will discuss seafood myths and misconceptions. Overcoming fatigue, depression, and anxiety through balancing neurotransmitters- the chemistry of energy, mood, and sleep June 21st, The importance of probiotics to support digestive and immune health, and maintain intestinal balance June 14th, Susan Hazels Mitmesser, PhD, ….

The effects of stress on the body and mind, and how to deal with pain and illness using mind-body techniques. May 31st, Diane Gilman, PsyD, is a licensed clinical …. Edward Kondrot, MD, is a …. Groundbreaking diabetes research and how following a high-fiber, plant-based diet can reduce the risk of other metabolic risk factors, including high blood pressure May 10th, Lamb will discuss cardiovascular health. Lamb, MD, is a clinical consultant in ….

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Michael Jurgelewicz will discuss weight loss. New advancements of Jarrow Formulas' product, BroccoMax. April 19th, Michael Jurgelewicz will discuss managing osteoarthritis. The holistic Sinus Survival program for treating, preventing, and curing chronic and fungal sinusitis, allergies, and colds. March 15th, Proteins, the plant protein options, and Organic Plant Protein March 1st, Amber Lynn Vitse is a Certified Nutritionist in integrative nutrition, and also brings her …. The Bulletproof Diet and how to lose up to a pound a day, reclaim energy and focus, and upgrade your life.

February 22nd, Project A. February 15th, Vitamin D and its role in human health February 8th, Steve Christensen, MD, is the …. Appetite Control and Weight Management January 25th, Health controversies including Environmental risk factors, autism, vaccinations, and fluoride. January 18th, The Wahls Protocol — an integrative approach to healing chronic autoimmune conditions January 11th, Mike has an B. Kind Organics — certified organic whole food vitamins December 14th, Rex Jones has been an educator …. How our bodies create cellular energy from foods and how to optimize the energy-producing process.

December 7th, Kind Organics Vitamins — made from organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs November 30th, Travis Lesperance is the regional educator for Garden of Life and has …. Dana Laake discusses nutrition controversies and getting back to the basics. Winter Immunity: Strategies for supporting optimal immune health during the holidays and beyond. November 16th, Richard …. Lamb, MD, will be discussing genomic testing. How chemicals are altering our microbiome, hormones, and immune systems and what that means to our health.