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He has also written articles and a previous book. Randall Woolridge, Ph. Remember the idea that random dart throwing results in a better return than formal investment analysis? Well, the evidence is in - a methodical approach really does work better than "eenie, meanie, minee, moe. Enter the discounted cash flow DCF method. DCF works like this:. Start getting smarter: Email:. Rating 7. Qualities Applicable. Recommendation Everything you need to know about how to value a stock is inside this book - somewhere.

About the Authors Gary Gray, Ph. Traders and investors spend fortunes in time and money trying to gauge the real value of individual stocks.

Streetsmart Guide To Valuing a Stock

The Streetsmart Guide to Valuing a Stock introduces proven techniques for analyzing a stock's value, spotting undervalued and overvalued stocks, and understanding the impact of interest rate changes and earnings reports on stock prices. New topics include:.


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