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The trial and the murder mystery are what make this narrative engaging and a hard to put down, some of the fabulous cross-examinations and the courtroom scenes are detailed described and exciting to read. The story is told from Rozat K. Sabich also known as Rusty who is the main character. Along the story, we are treated to plenty of exciting courtroom dramas, complex characters, and some fabulous portrayals of such different human emotions and frailties.

Betrayal, illicit passion, jealousy, paternal feelings, friendship, dirty politics, family bonds and corruption finds a place in this book. Additionally, the author has detailed described few technical legal terms which make it easier for the readers to understand the complexities of the courtroom. Following the simultaneous cinematic and written of the debut novel in the series, Presumed Innocent, Turow makes a comeback to Kindle County for another exciting and dramatic exploration of the emotional oddity of lives wrapped in the curious legal culture of American society. In the second book in Kindle County Legal Thriller series we find ourselves just three years after the events of the Presumed Innocent in the life of Sandy Stern, an attorney who tirelessly defended Rusty in the murder trial in the first book.

However this time, there is no, but instead, there is death. Her suicide and the unexplained transactions leave Sandy with more questions than answers, and with a vivid memory of having discovered his wife dead in their garage. Where he tries to access his distance as a father and husband and how his talents at matters of law established that distance to the point of distraction, incomplete perspectives of his own family, creating flawed relationships, and ultimately a troubling picture of himself.

Sandy Stern sees himself idealized too much by his sister and radically alienated from his son Peter, a famous physician. There are little-wasted characters and correspondingly few wasted motions. The author beautifully draws his characters just like a sculptor does with precision, with the cognitive depth of hi-resolution mental camera.

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Even the secondary characters are beautifully woven. Overall, Burden of Proof is a masterfully crafted story of personal awareness, of a man arriving late to his midlife crisis, forced to define himself for a new future and a new reality plagued by enigmatic circumstances and a conflux of malice from his beloved family. Is our listing on the left missing a book or two?

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View Results. Home Characters Authors. The combination of an excellent writer and a skilful narrator makes this book an unmissable treat.

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I found myself listening into the early hours over many nights, reluctant to emerge from the magic of such a talented storyteller. Sandy Stern is a complex and beguiling main character, not your usual dashing hero by any means. He's balding, overweight and introverted, full of doubt and insecurities despite his successful career as a defence attorney. He gradually puts together reasons why his reserved wife killed herself as he looks back over their life together, while dealing with a complex fraud investigation into his shady brother-in-law's brokerage firm.

He takes a fresh look at his adult children and doesn't like everything he sees in them. He ventures into new relationships after more than thirty faithful years with the same woman and realises he didn't know his wife as well as he thought he did.

By: Scott Turow.