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As these amazing characters move forward with their individual journeys, the story keeps building up details, both big and small, that are clearly going to have far reaching consequences: the best feature of this series, as far as I can tell after the first two books, is the sensation that the author is placing his pieces on the board and that the game will gain in complexity and depth as it progresses.

My Rating:. Well you got to it faster than me.

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Really need to fix that, your excellent review is a good reminder. Like Liked by 1 person. There are books that require the… perfect moment, I guess, so I count myself lucky that I found it and that it gave me the opportunity to get firmly on board with this series.

Like Like. The first time I tried to read the first volume it did not work well, and I set it aside for another time, so I imagine and several review confirmed my impression that this is a story that requires some time to fall into the right track. Seems like all three comments above were not really in a hurry to start book two, like you. Compelling from page 1 on…. Both on the book and series but also on somehow still managing to put off this series in spite of how awesome it is.

I really need to on with it and just finish it. So many good characters is an amazingly vivid world.

The Dragon’s Path

Yes, exactly: from this book I glimpsed the possibility for a further exploration of this world, one that has the potential to offer much more than what we saw so far. All of that success brings Geder to the attention of the King and he becomes the Regent. However, by taking the advice of Basrahip he has offended the nobility which brings about a civil war.

Marcus Wester is leading the guard at the Medean bank in Port Oliva. After Cithrin gets sent to Camnipol, Marcus feels she is in danger and decides to leave to see what he can do to help her. Clara Annalise Kalliam struggles to keep her family in good standing among the nobles in light of the civil war.

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Master Kit and his troop find themselves in a position to help Cithrin in the midst of the civil war in Camnipol. Milo of Order Murro has just reached manhood.

Daniel Abraham Introduces The Dagger and The Coin

As part of the Haaverkin ritual he learns a secret that only the Order of Murro know. Clara Annalise Kalliam, Dawson's disgraced widow, is learning to live a new life outside the Antean noble court. Clara has decided to do what she can to undermine Geder Palliako's rule. Sir Geder Palliako is the Lord Regent of Imperial Antea and is charged with protecting Prince Aster and running the kingdom until the prince is of age. The civil war headed by Dawson Kalliam has been tamped down.

The Antean army takes the war to the Timzinae in an effort to find who was behind the attempt on Prince Aster's life.

The King's Blood (Dagger and the Coin #2)

Each win on the battle field brings another reason to continue the war as Geder tries to bring peace to the world. Each victory also spreads the influence of the Spider Goddess's priests. During this time the bank must prepare for the coming Antean army and Citrin must decide how to respond to romantic overtures from Geder Palliako. Marcus Wester has joined Master Kit on multiple journeys to search out weapons that may help bring about the downfall of the Cult of the Spider Goddess. Clara Annalise Kalliam continues to work to undermine Geder's rule all while treading a fine line of being loyal to her family and the Severed Throne.

She must decide how to use her knowledge to defeat Geder while cultivating allies. Geder Palliako is heartbroken that Cithrin has used her influence to undermine his army and his orders. He now orders his army to march on Port Oliva to capture Cithrin.

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The Dagger and the Coin is a compilation of excessive fantasy novels written by Daniel Abraham. In The Dagger and the Coin series, Daniel Abraham works with a perspective narrative from of 6 diverse characters for every chapter of the story. War portrays its darkness over the lands how the dragons once dominated.

The Dagger and the Coin

When an action of traumatic unfaithfulness intends to create the cities a fire, all the certainties are known as into query. Only the bravery of a young lady with the thoughts of a gambler and commitment to no-one appears in between hope and the universal darkness. The large and effective will drop, the hated and damaged shall rise, and everything will be re-made. And silently, nearly underneath the notice of anyone, a classic, broken hearted warrior and also an apostate clergyman will start a dreadful journey with the unattainable goal that is to ruin a Goddess prior to she eats the entire world.

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The tyrant Geder named Palliako had brought his country to war, but each and every triumph has called forth an additional conflict. Now the higher war propagates out before him, and he is curved on bringing peacefulness. Regardless of how many people he needs to kill to do it. A fake banker named Cithrin bel Sarcour, of the Medean Bank, has come back to the collapse.

Her apprenticeship has positioned her in the way of war, but the more significant dangers are the type in her past as well as in her soul. And in the dark areas of the world, Captain named Marcus Wester monitors an old secret which will alter the war in manners not really he can foresee.

No power has survived him, aside from the heart of the one lady he wishes. In Porte Oliva, Captain Marcus Wester and the Cithrin discover the horrible truth that links this battle to the drop of the dragons many years before, and that in order to save the world, Cithrin must beat it.

But even while conquest comes after conquest, the ultimate triumph retreats before him just like a mirage.